phoenix pendant

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Phoenix Pendant

The Phoenix Pendant is for those who are starting over

The phoenix pendant is for people who have, in one way or another, begun their lives anew.  The phoenix is the mighty bird that burns in flames, and out of the ashes of its past self, is born again and will have a new life.

phoenix pendant

Some of us have had an experience similar to what the phoenix symbolizes.  This pendant is meant to be worn by those people, as a symbol of what they have been through and what they have accomplished.  It is a celebration of strength and a tribute to our ability to triumph over self. 

If you would like to honor your own ability to re-create yourself into something better, or to start life over again, buy and wear the phoenix pendant.

The phoenix pendant is a heavy, solid sterling silver designer piece that features a 5 carat natural citrine gemstone as the sun of a new day of a new life.  The ½ carat brilliant cut garnet gemstone lies in the breast of the suggestive phoenix design.  It radiates warm red life,  symbolizing the courageous and sacrificing heart.

Honor Your Journey.

The path of the Phoenix pendant wearer is not smooth.  Fate, wrong choices, missed chances can lead down a path that is not where we wanted to be.  It takes strength to look around you and admit that this is not the kind of life you want.  It takes immense courage, and often intense pain to pull yourself out of it and start over on a new path.

A Symbol will remind you

If this describes something you have gone through, the phoenix is a powerful symbol for you.  When you wear this pendant of heavy silver and genuine stones, around your neck and close to your heart, you will feel the reminder of what you have accomplished and where you are going.

An original design in sterling silver and over 14 carats of genuine citrine and garnet

The Phoenix Pendant is crafted by hand, an artist's modern representaion of a symbol that has been used for centuries to represent human's highest power and ability to renew ourselves.

The pendant is in .925 sterling silver, created by a designer inspired by the Phoenix and what it can mean for us. It is a design you won’t find anywhere else. The striking upward arching lines of the outstretched wings show the strength and power of the individual. The brilliant firey red garnet is the couragous heart. The 14 carat citrine cabochon is the sun, the source of our aspirations, the guiding light, our highest self. This story and elements of the phoenix pendant are contained within a circle because the struggle of each individual is also the struggle of all of us. Just as one life is renewed, so is all of humanity, in a never ending circle.

An original artpiece in precious silver and authentic gemstones.

This is a piece of jewelry that is deep with meaning, but also inherently valuable. Made of precious natural materials: sterling silver and natural citrine and garnet, it will last and retain its value for many lifetimes, bringing joy and meaning to future generations.

Your Phoenix Pendant comes specially presented in a handcarved box

Your phoenix pendant will arrive to you in a hand-carved wooden box and an illustrated note card describing the meaning and story behind it.  This note also facilitates gift giving: if you feel that the Phoenix pendant resonates with someone you know, the card will explain the story to them and your gift will be understood...

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the crafstmanship of the Phoenix Pendant, we will give you 100% of your money back if you are not happy with it.

You will receive:

- The handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone Phoenix Pendant
- A beautifully illustrated card explaining the symbolism of the Phoenix Pendant
- A hand-carved walnut wood jewelry box
- A 100% guarantee that you can’t go wrong

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